June 22, 2021

Unemployment rose in October to 3.8 million and there are already almost 600,000 more unemployed than before the crisis




The number of unemployed in Spain increased during the month of October by 49,558 people, thus exceeding 3.8 million unemployed, according to data released by the Ministry of Labor. In this way, since the crisis began there are almost 600,000 more unemployed, while if compared to October 2019, today there are 648,000 more unemployed people. As tradition indicates, October is usually a bad month for unemployment, since it definitively certifies the end of the summer season, while many of the harvesting campaigns in the field, such as the harvest, also stop.

Regarding employment, Social Security managed to add 113,975 jobs in the tenth month of the year, the second largest increase in that month, at least, this century. In total, there are 18.9 million jobs in Spain, close to 19. However, there are still almost 260,000 jobs to recover since the health crisis began. While compared to a year ago, the system has lost 439,628 affiliates.

One of the key data to understand the evolution of unemployment in October is the sectors where unemployment has increased the most. The service sector did so in more than 30,000 people (1.15% more), while agriculture did so in about 10,000 (5.75% more). Increases that could not be offset by industry, where unemployment fell by 786 people, or by construction, where it fell by 365.

Regarding employment, it is education that has pulled the bandwagon. Specifically, this sector, with the beginning of the school year and the needs of schools to hire backup teaching staff to weather the coronavirus in the classroom. The other side of the coin is the hospitality industry, which with the restrictions applied during the month of October by the second wave of the coronavirus destroys 85,000 jobs.

As for the self-employed, they registered a slight increase of 1,816 more self-employed workers. However, the president of ATA is concerned about the downward trend that is happening in sectors such as hospitality and commerce. “More than 8,000 freelancers have been lost in the hospitality sector in the last two months, 140 fewer freelancers every day in this sector in September and October. More than 2,600 fewer freelancers in the commerce sector. 400 fewer freelancers in the sector of artistic activity and leisure, “he explained on the social network Twitter.

Almost 600,000 people are still in ERTE

Among those affiliated with Social Security, 599,530 people are still affected by an ERTE. They are almost 130,000 less than a month ago. Among the most affected activities are those related to tourism. Thus, food and beverage services still have 117,208 people included in an ERTE, while accommodation services have more than 94,000 people. In terms of trade, both retail and wholesale, it brings together more than 88,000 people. Finally, travel agencies, the activity with the highest percentage of people in relation to total employees in an ERTE, has more than 22,000 workers in this situation.

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