Unemployment rises in the Czech Republic only to 3.4% but an increase is expected in May

The pandemic and measures to combat it have, for the time being, led to a moderate increase in unemployment in the Czech Republic, which last April had an unemployment rate of 3.4%, although the Government has warned that the situation may worsen in May and June.

Unemployment rose four percentage points in April compared to March and seven compared to the same month last year, according to data from people registered in the unemployment offices offered today by the Ministry of Labor.

The Czech government declared a state of emergency on March 11 to curb the pandemic, and imposed the closure of non-essential stores three days later.

The automobile industry, one of the main economic sectors, was paralyzed when companies such as Skoda, Hyundai or the TPCA consortium closed their factories, which have been recovering their activity in recent weeks.

Labor Minister Jana Malacova acknowledged today that unemployment “has grown slightly” but warned that the situation may worsen in May.

“These relatively good figures do not mean that the situation is stabilized. We expect a turning point between May and June,” he warned.

As of April 20, a five-phase measure lifting calendar entered into force, which will last until June 8.


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