April 16, 2021

Unemployment rises by 83,464 people in January, its highest rise since 2014

Unemployment rises by 83,464 people in January, its highest rise since 2014

The number of unemployed registered in the offices of public employment services (former Inem) rose by 83,464 unemployed in January (+ 2.6%), its highest increase in this month since 2014, when unemployment increased by more than 113,000 people.

After the rebound in January, the total number of unemployed stood at 3,285,761 unemployed, as reported by the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security on Monday. Within the historical series, which began in 1997, unemployment has risen in all the months of January. The increase registered this year has exceeded the upswings of 2018 (+63,747 unemployed), 2017 (+57,257 unemployed), 2016 (+57,247 unemployed) and 2015 (+77,980 unemployed). The worst January of the series was recorded in 2009, when almost 200,000 people signed up for the old Inem lists.

After the end of the Christmas campaign, the increase in unemployment was noticeable especially in the service sector, which added 85,584 unemployed in January (+ 3.8%), followed by agriculture, with 4,920 more unemployed (+ 3.5%), and industry (+1,202 more unemployed, + 0.4%). On the other hand, unemployment fell in construction (-6,896 unemployed, -2.5%) and in the group without previous employment (-1,346 unemployed, -0.5%).

In the last year, unemployment has been reduced by 190,767 people, at an annual rate of 5.49%. As for contracting, in the first month of the year 1,858,077 contracts were carried out, 6.2% more than in January 2018, of which 181,348 were permanent contracts, 9.7% of the total, with an increase 4.8% compared to the same month last year.


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