July 9, 2020

Unemployment rises by 20,525 people and employment loses 53,000 members in November, the worst figure since 2013

Unemployment rose last November in 20,525 more unemployed compared to the previous month, the worst data since November 2016, a monthly increase that for the Ministry of Employment is "practically the same as the average in the same month of the last 10 years (20,477)". Thus, the number of unemployed stands at 3,198,184 people, the lowest figure in a month of November since 2008. In seasonally adjusted terms, unemployment rises by 4,113 people. Male unemployment accounts for 1,317,686 people, rising by 13,549 (1.04%) and female by 1,880,498, increasing by 6,976 (0.37%) in relation to the month of October. If we compare it with November 2018, male unemployment falls by 25,255 (-1.88%) people, and female unemployment falls by 29,428 (-1.54%). In the cumulative period of the last twelve months, the number of registered unemployed has only decreased by 54,683 people in the last twelve months, a year-on-year rate of decline that stands at 1.68% this month.

With regard to young people, unemployment of those under 25 years of age is reduced in November by 704 people (-0.26%) in relation to the previous month. Among those who are 25 and older, unemployment increases by 21,229 (0.73%). Registered unemployment has fallen, compared to October 2019, in 5 autonomous communities and the autonomous city of Ceuta, mainly in the Valencian Community (-3,807), Madrid (-2,855), and the Basque Country (-1,564) and Castilla – La Mancha (-1,228). It rises, on the contrary, in the remaining twelve, headed by Illes Balears (11,557) and Andalusia (7,501). By economic sector of origin of the workers, the registered unemployment has been reduced in relation to October in Agriculture by 1,715 people (-1.15%); in Industry low by 607 (-0.23%); in Construction it increases by 1,738 (0.68%); in Services, it increased by 23,934 (1.07%). Finally, the group of No Previous Employment is reduced by 2,825 people (- 1.04%).

Indefinite Hiring

The total number of contracts registered during the month of November was 1,764,169. It represents a reduction of 103,003 (-5.52%) over the same month of 2018. Of the total contracts registered in November, 171,612 are indefinite and 1,592,557 temporary contracts. As for the duration of the day in November, 101,384 full-time and 70,228 part-time contracts have been concluded.


The average Social Security affiliation stood at 19,378,878 workers in November, after adding 431,254 affiliates in the last year, 2.28% more. November is a month that traditionally reflects declines in terms of membership, and this year it is reduced by 53,114 people (-0.27%), the worst data since 2013, because of the termination of contracts in the Hospitality sector. In seasonally adjusted terms, the behavior of affiliation, on the contrary, was favorable during last November, with a growth of 30,610 affiliated persons. The average number of affiliates reached, without the seasonal component, 19,421,278 workers, this is the highest figure in this range since March 2008. This indicator indicates an estimate that corrects the influence of the time of year, according to the experience of the previous exercises. It should be noted that the number of women affiliates experienced a 2.80% growth in the last year, standing at 9,029,311. It is the fifth month in which the number of women employed exceeds 9 million, since last May when this figure was reached.


The coverage rate of the unemployment protection system was 62.4% in October, an increase of 5.3 points compared to the same month of 2018 (57.1%). The beneficiaries of unemployment benefits in October were 1,879,345, 6.96% more than the same month last year.

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