Sun. Dec 15th, 2019

Unemployment rises by 20,441 people in September by the end of the summer season

El paro sube en 20.441 personas en septiembre por el fin de la temporada de verano

The end of the summer season made the unemployment go up in September in 20,441 people, raising the total of unemployed in Spain to 3,202,509, according to the data updated on Tuesday by the Ministry of Employment. In the case of affiliation, it rose by 22,899 average affiliates, down from last year's figure, to 18.8 million affiliates. In both registers the hospitality sector was the most punished on the negative side.

An upturn in September is a trend that is more than installed. Many of the new unemployed are the workers still employed in the last throes of the summer season. When this is over, they end up in the old INEM offices. Thus, no September since 2008 escapes the rise in unemployment. We must go back to the days before the crisis to avoid the negative data.

Slight reduction in unemployment in Catalonia and Madrid

By autonomy, the greatest increase in unemployment occurs in Andalusia, with 12,021 more unemployed; and Extremadura, with 3,640. In total, it rises in eleven autonomies. The data change sign in Castilla-La Mancha, with 5,169 fewer unemployed, or Canaries, with 1,587 fewer. Both in Madrid as Catalunya unemployment also falls, with 210 and 374 less unemployed. In the Catalan case, unemployment reaches 380,344 people in total.

The end of the season is evident in the sectors where unemployment grows: it rises by almost 29,000 people in the services and another 9,800 who previously did not have a job, that is, they register to be unemployed. On the other hand, it drops by 8,400 people in agriculture and 7,500 in construction.

Membership push for education

On the side of affiliation, once again in September there are a high number of discharges in the education sector, with the start of the school year and university. A circumstance that throws more fuel on the fire in the debate of the interns who are dismissed at the end of the course to save their salary in summer.

In this way, the education sector was the one with the most employment, with 53,308 new members; followed by administration and auxiliary services, with 20,689; and manufacturing, with 13,840. Construction adds another 7,732 jobs.

On the other side, the end of the season is noted in the destruction of almost 40,000 jobs in hospitality and another 32,000 in commerce.

With the sight in the autonomies, the affiliation grows with force in Madrid, with 43.394 more affiliates; Canary Islands, with 10,192; and Catalunya, with 9,763 new registrations. They stand out in the communities that remain Balearic, with 15,190 less affiliated by the impact of the hotel trade; and Galicia and Andalusia, with about 6,500 less.

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