July 24, 2021

Unemployment rises by 20,441 people in September after the end of summer

Unemployment rises by 20,441 people in September after the end of summer



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The number of unemployed registered in the offices of the Public Employment Services (SEPE) has risen in September at 20,441 people in relation to the previous month. However, this figure is lower than last year, when the number of unemployed increased by 27,858 people. The total number of registered unemployed is 3,202,509. On the other hand, Social Security has reached 18,862,713 affiliates in September, 22,899 more people than in August (0.12%). It is the third best month-on-month record since 2000, in a month in which membership declines have traditionally predominated. The figure for the last 12 months shows an increase of 526,551 people (2.87%).

On the other hand, in tdeseasonalized terms, the unemployment has descended in 19,398 people. With respect to September 2017, unemployment has been reduced by 207,673 people, which puts the year-on-year drop level at (-6.09%). Specifically, male unemployment stood at 1,313,151 people, rising by 6,157 (0.47%) and female unemployment by 1,889,358, increasing by 14,284 (0.76%) in relation to the month of August. If we compare with September 2017, male unemployment has fallen to 126,314 (-8.78%) people, and female unemployment has fallen to 81,359 (-4.13%).

In the ninth month of the year, unemployment among the young people under 25 in 22,765 (9.45%) people in relation to the previous month. Low, however, among those who are 25 and older in 2.324 (-0.08%). As for the Training and Learning Contracts, a total of 2,527 have been signed in the last month of September. This figure has been falling progressively in the months of September of the last three years.

Social Security: more employees

The good performance of the evolution of affiliates is mainly due to the General Scheme, that corresponding to salaried workers, which in September hto increased by 20,135 people; 489,743 more, in the last twelve months.

He too Autonomous Regime has contributed to the good result of the occupation in September with 4,395 more members in this month, which represents the largest increase of self-employed workers in a month of September since 2007. In addition, with respect to the same month of 2017, this Regime has added 37,398 more workers, the largest increase in the last three years.

It should be noted that this month registers a record in female employment, 8,698,329 women working, this is the largest number in the historical series of the months of September. The seasonally adjusted data increased by 50,811 in the month.

Specifically, with respect to August, the General Regime has shown an increase of 20,135 people (+ 0.13%), until reaching 15,539,604 affiliates. As for the Special Agrarian System, it has incorporated 19,281 more average members (+ 2.70%), now standing at 734,206 people. For its part, the Special System of Domestic Employees has decreased by 2,349 (-0.57%) and now reaches 409,861 employed. He Autonomous Regime has reached 3,253,670 people, after adding 4,395 (0.14%) in the last month. A fact that as already indicated is the best in the months of September of the last 11 years. With respect to Special Regime of the Sea, it decreased in 1,613 employed persons (-2.34%) to 67,271 employed persons. Finally, El Carbon is made up of 2,168 average members, 18 less than the previous month.

Andalusia leads the rise in unemployment

Registered unemployment has risen in 11 autonomous communities, especially in Andalusia (12,021), Extremadura (3,640) and Asturias (2,269). It has descended in the remaining 6, highlighting Castilla-La Mancha (5,196) and Canary Islands (1,587).

By economic sectors of origin of the workers, the unemployment has fallen in Agriculture and Fishing in 8.437 (-5.68%), in Construction 7.427 (-2.66%), and in Industry in 2.415 (-0.86%) . Conversely has increased in Services in 28,945 people (1,32%) and in the group without previous employment in 9,775 (3,51%).

Regarding the hiring this has reached 1,952,397 contracts in September, which represents a decrease of 40,870 (-2.05) over the same month of 2017. On the other hand, the accumulated contracting in the first nine months of 2018 has reached the figure of 16,471,425, which means 472,661 contracts more, one (2.95%) than in the same period of the previous year.

In September they have registered 232,768 indefinite work contracts, which represents an increase of 40,078 (20.8%) over the same month of the previous year. What represents the largest number of undefined contracts held in a month of September in the entire historical series. They are chained and 56 months of increases in the indefinite hiring.


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