July 25, 2021

Unemployment rises by 20,441 people after the summer

Unemployment rises by 20,441 people after the summer

The number of unemployed registered in the offices of the Public State Employment Services (SEPE) reached 3,202,509 people after increasing in September by 20,441 people compared to the previous month, the lowest figure recorded in a ninth month of the year since 2014.

According to the data published today by the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security, in the last year, unemployment has decreased by 207,673 people, putting the number of unemployed at the lowest level reached in September 2008.

In seasonally adjusted terms, that is, without taking into account seasonal and calendar differences, Unemployment has dropped by 19,398 people during the month of September.

By sectors, unemployment only increased among workers who came from the service sector (28,945 people), as well as among the group without previous employment (9,775), while unemployment was reduced in agriculture (8,437), construction (7,427) and industry (2,415).

Of the 20,441 more unemployed, 6,157 were men and 14,284, women, which increased male unemployment to 1.31 million people and the female unemployment to 1.89 million.

By age, the unemployment of young people under 25 years of age increased by 22,765 people, whereas the one of majors of 25 years lowered in 2.324.

This upward trend was also reflected in unemployment among foreigners, which increased by 7,594 people, to 374,054 unemployed, of whom 134.891 came from a community country and 239.163, extracommunity.

Registered unemployment decreased in six autonomies, led by Castilla-La Mancha (5,196 fewer unemployed), Canary Islands (1,587) and La Rioja (912), while rose in the remaining eleven, mainly in Andalusia (12,021 more unemployed) and Extremadura (3,640).

The total number of contracts registered during the month of September was 1,952,397, which implies 2.05% more than a year before.

Of that total, 1,719,629 were temporary and 232,768 were undefined (11.9% of the total), which represents an increase of 20.8% in fixed contracts with respect to September 2017.

Of the fixed contracts, 125,592 were full-time (20% more) and 107,176, part-time (23% more); while, of the temporary, slightly more than one million were full-time (5% less) and 642,430 part-time (3% less).

Respite to affiliation

The Social Security won an average of 22,899 members in September (+ 0.1%), its third best data in this month since 2000, until the total of employed persons stood at 18,862,713 contributors, according to the Ministry of Labor, Migrations and Social Security.

In the last year, the number of contributors has increased by 526,551 members, at a rate of 2.87%, driven mainly by the General Scheme, which has added 489,743 workers since September 2017 (+ 3.2%), and by the Autonomous Regime, which has gained 37,398 members in the last year (+ 1.1%), its biggest increase in the last three years.

As usual after the end of the summer season and the beginning of school activity, education was the sector where affiliation grew the most in September, with 53,308 employed, while hotels and commerce accounted for the biggest decreases when losing 39,227 and 31,963 occupied, respectively.

In the ninth month of the year, the General Regime gained 20,135 members, 0.1% more than in August, up to a total of 15,539,604 contributors.

On the other hand, the Autonomous Regime (RETA) added 4,395 employed persons in September (+ 0.1%), its biggest increase in this month since 2007, with the total of affiliates to this regime in 3,253,670 workers.


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