April 10, 2021

Unemployment rises 83,464 people in January

Unemployment rises 83,464 people in January


Registered unemployment in employment offices has risen by 83,464 people in January compared to the previous month. What in relative values ​​represents an increase in unemployment of 2.61%, repeating what happened the first month of last year when the number of unemployed also rose by 63,747. The total number of unemployed stands at 3,285,761. In year-on-year terms, if we compare it with January 2018, a reduction of unemployment of 5.49% is accumulated in such a way that currently 190,767 fewer unemployed people are registered. In seasonally adjusted terms, unemployment rises by 3,292 people.

Regarding affiliation, in January lIt amounted to 18,819,300 people accumulating in the last twelve months 537,269 workers, the highest figure since January 2008. However, the first month of the year has not been good in this regard andyou have fallen in 204,865 people, especially in Commerce and Hospitality.

Male unemployment it has been located in 1,360,448 people, increasing by 23,204 (1.74%) and the female in 1,925,313, increasing by 60,260 (3.23%) in relation to the month of December. If we compare it with January 2018, male unemployment has fallen by 115,031 (-7.8%) people, and female unemployment is reduced by 75,736 (-3.78%).

With regard to young people, unemployment among those under 25 has declined by 4.01% in interannual terms. In January it increased by 10,252 people (4.15%) in relation to the previous monthr, while among people aged 25 and over unemployment rises by 73,212 (2.48%). Registered unemployment has risen in the 17 autonomous communities, mainly in Andalusia (19,996), Madrid (11,308) and Valencian Community (9,369).

If we analyze it by economic sectors of origin of the workers, the registered unemployment has been reduced in Construction, in 6.896 (-2.48%) and in the group without previous employment, in 1.346 people (-0.5%). On the contrary, it increased in Agriculture, by 4,920 (3.55%), in Industry, by 1,202 (0.42%) and by Services by 85,584 (3.84%).

Membership drop in January

The impact of the end of the Christmas campaign, after the celebration of the Three Kings, is reflected again in the occupation that low in 204.865 occupied, especially in the sectors of Commerce and Hospitality.

We are facing a more intense decrease than in January 2018, although December of last year registered the highest employment growth of the last 11 years, increasing the number of employees above 19 million. If the seasonal component is discarded, affiliation grows in this first month in 38,179 people, in line with the trend of the last months.

The behavior of the affiliation in the month of January reflects a trend similar to the average of recent years. From 2009 to 2019 the average loss of the number of employed persons in the month of January was 230,646.

By Autonomous Communities, the number of affiliates in January has decreased to a greater extent in Madrid (-31,138), Comunidad Valenciana (-30,555), Andalucía (-22,633) and Galicia (-13,737).

The General Scheme has registered a decrease of 182,808 people in January (-1.16%), up to 15,522,075 employed. In January, affiliation has fallen in absolute terms mainly in Commerce, Repair of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles, with -39,131 employed, Hospitality (-38.246), Administrative Activities and Auxiliary Services, with -36.650 and Public Administration and Defense, Comp.Social Compulsory (12.746) and Health Activities and Social Services, with -10.075. The Autonomous Regime has 3,234,373 people, after decreasing by 20,291 in the last month.

7.25% of permanent contracts for young people

Also the comparison between the first month of this year and that of 2018 gives rise to a positive balance in terms of hiring. The total number of contracts registered during the month of January was 1,858,077. What it supposes an increase of 108,166 (6.18%) over the same month of the year 2018. Of these, 181,348 were undefined contracts and 1,676,729 were temporary contracts.

Regarding the indefinite hiring, in January, 181,348 contracts of indefinite nature have been registered, which represents an increase of 8,395 (4.85%) over the same month of the previous year. The indefinite contracts of January are divided, as far as the duration of the day, into 115,706 full-time and 65,642 part-time.

In January, 323,194 contracts were signed with workers under the age of 25, of which 23,445 (7.25%) were indefinite contracts. Indefinite contracts signed by under-25s have increased by 7.16% compared to the same month of the previous year. For its part, the coverage rate of the unemployment protection system was 60.4% in December, which represents an increase of 1.83 percentage points in relation to December 2017.


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