Unemployment increases by 40,428 people in August in line with the years prior to the pandemic

Unemployment increases by 40,428 people in August in line with the years prior to the pandemic

The number of unemployed registered in the offices of the public employment services increased by 40,428 people in August, 1.4% more than in July and it is once again above 2.9 million unemployed, specifically in the 2,924,240 unemployed, according to data published this Friday by the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, according to Europa Press.

Uncertainty causes the first job destruction in July and unemployment increases by 3,200 people

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The portfolio led by Yolanda Díaz points out that it is “a much smoother increase than in recent years prior to the pandemic and that, in addition, it also affects the activities that usually suffer this increase in August.” Compared to the data for August 2021, unemployment has been reduced by 409,675 people, 12.29%.

In seasonally adjusted terms, registered unemployment rose in August by 3,184 people. Labor emphasizes in its statement that the total number of unemployed (2,924,240) is the lowest in the month of August since 2008.

Social Security Affiliates

In this last month, Social Security lost 189,963 affiliates, with a drop of 0.93% compared to the data registered the previous month, the worst data since 2019, according to figures presented this Friday by the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations.

With this decrease, the total number of contributors closed August at 20.15 million people, of whom 10.7 were men and 9.3 million women. In seasonally adjusted terms, the number of Social Security affiliates rose by 62,135 workers, 0.31% more than in July. The seasonally adjusted figure for August is also the lowest since the same month in 2019.

The ministry he heads José Luis Escrivá had already anticipated a few weeks ago that some 187,000 fewer than average affiliates were expectedso that the data published today is in line with advance forecasts.

Social Security has also highlighted that 334,174 jobs have been created between January and August 2022, discounting seasonality and the calendar effect. Thus, the level of affiliation prior to the pandemic is exceeded by 687,000 people.

Unemployment by sectors

Unemployment rose in August in Construction by 2.23%, with 5,095 more unemployed, followed by Industry, with 4,974 new unemployed. It also increased in the services sector, where unemployment increased by 1.85%, with 37,546 unemployed. In Agriculture, unemployment decreased by 6,693 people (-4.53%) and in the group without previous employment, with 494 fewer people (-0.2%).

Unemployment increased in August among women, adding 22,613 more unemployed women (1.31%), reaching 1,751,001, while in the case of men it grew by 1.54%, with 17,815 new unemployed, up to 1,173 .239.

For its part, the unemployment of young people under 25 years of age rose in August by 8,881 people (4.71%) compared to July, while the unemployment rate of 25 and over increased by 31,547 (1.17%), according to Labor .

Registered unemployment fell in August in four autonomous communities, with the sharpest falls in the Canary Islands (-1,148), Comunidad Foral de Navarra (-479) and Aragón (-432). Unemployment rose in the remaining 13 autonomous communities, with Andalusia in the lead (9,955), followed by Catalonia (9,554) and the Valencian Community (6,994).

As for the provinces, registered unemployment fell in 7 headed by Huelva (-1,479), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (-686) and Zaragoza (-657) and increased in the remaining 45, including Barcelona (6,481), Valencia ( 3,677) and Madrid (3,254).

Registered unemployment among foreigners fell in August by 3,388 unemployed (-0.94%) compared to the previous month, until the total number of unemployed immigrants stood at 356,776.

More than 506,000 permanent contracts

The total number of contracts registered during August was 1,283,791. Of these, 506,731 are permanent and represent 39.47% of the total, while the signing of temporary contracts stood at 777,060 in August, 60.53% of the total.

In the accumulated of the year, 12,511,212 contracts have been signed, 5.45% more than in the first eight months of 2021. Of that total, 4,474,581 are permanent contracts and 8,036,631 are temporary.

Of the 506,731 permanent contracts signed in August, 217,743 were full-time, 118,941 part-time and 170,047 permanent. Regarding the duration of their working day, temporary contracts in August are divided into 520,499 full-time and 256,561 part-time.

The Ministry has also reported that spending on unemployment benefits reached 1,643.4 million euros in July (last month available), 18.9% less than in July 2021.

The total number of recipients of unemployment benefits stood at 1,758,496 people at the end of July. The average monthly expenditure per beneficiary, not including the agricultural subsidy in Andalusia and Extremadura, amounted to 955.7 euros in July.

The benefit data is always one month behind the unemployment data, so Labor has published this Monday the unemployment figures for August and the benefit statistics for July.

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