July 6, 2020

Unemployment increases by 20,525 people in November, the worst figure in this month since 2016




Not only are temperatures cooling, employment also starts to give bad news. It is already five consecutive months in which the number of registered unemployed increases. Specifically, in the eleventh month of the year ends with 20,525 more unemployed in relation to October, the worst month of November since 2016 when the number of unemployed rose by 24,841 people. A year ago this month, 1,836 fewer unemployed were registered. The employment slowdown is palpable. In this way, the number of unemployed has been located in 3,198,184 people, the lowest figure in a month of November since 2008. In seasonally adjusted terms, unemployment rises by 4,113 people.

For its part, membership falls in 53,114 people, in a traditionally bad month in this magnitude such as November, and marks the biggest decline since 2013 when membership collapsed in 66,829 people. In total, the average Social Security affiliation stood at 19,378,878 workers. The strong slowdown in the creation of employment is also observed in the interannual rate, since the affiliation has grown from 2.87% year-on-year to only 2.28% when two years ago the growth was 3.58%.

By economic sector, registered unemployment has fallen in relation to October in farming in 1,715 people (-1.15%); in Industry low by 607 (-0.23%); in Building increases by 1,738 (0.68%); in Services, it increased by 23,934 (1.07%). Finally, the Collective of No Employment Previous in 2,825 people (-1.04%).

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