Unemployment in the euro area falls to 7.4%, but Spain continues to lead unemployment



The unemployment rate in the euro area fell to 7.4%, but Spain continues to be the euro country with the highest number of unemployed with 14.6%, two tenths less than in August, according to Eurostat.

Thus, the EU statistical office assures that 3,406 million people were unemployed in Spain in September, of which 492,000 were under 25 years of age, which represents a reduction of 41,000 unemployed compared to August, and a decrease 5,000 young people a month. Thus, the youth unemployment rate in Spain was 30.6%, 1.1 points below August, the highest in the EU, ahead of 29.8% in Italy and 25.1% in Sweden .

When comparing with last month, the number of unemployed people fell by 1,919 million in the euro area and by 2.05 million in the EU, which together also dropped the percentage of unemployed to 6.7%.

Eurostat figure 14.324 million people were unemployed in the EU in September 2021, of which 12.079 million were in the euro zone. This represents a decrease of 306,000 and 255,000 people, respectively.

Of the twenty-seven, in addition to Spain, the highest unemployment rates corresponded to Greece, with 13.3% and Italy, with 9.2% (. On the contrary, the lowest unemployment figures were observed in the Czech Republic (2 , 6%), the Netherlands (3.1%) and Malta (3.2%).

In the case of those under 25 years of age, the unemployment rate in the euro zone in the ninth month of the year was 16%, three tenths less, while in the case of the European Union it fell by two tenths, to 15 , 9%.

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