July 4, 2020

Unemployment falls by 84,075 people in May, but fixed hiring and freelancers are stopped

Job creation leaves the lowest number of unemployed in the last ten years and the highest number of affiliates for a month of May.

The number of unemployed registered in the offices of the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) was reduced in May by 84,075 people compared to the previous month, totaling 3,079,491 unemployed, the lowest figure since November 2008.

The labor market has behaved in the past month of May as usual. The good data prior to the summer campaign show some clear, but also cause for concern. The fall in unemployment in 84,075 people leaves the lowest number of unemployed registered in the offices of the Public Employment Service (SEPE) of the last ten years, at a step of falling below three million (3,079,491). Male unemployment stands at 1,250,812 people, lowering 47,896, and female unemployment 1,828,679, reducing 36,179 people compared to the month of April. If we compare it to May 2018, male unemployment falls by 96,328 people and female unemployment falls by 76,311. On the other hand, unemployment of young people under 25 years of age is reduced in May by 11,287 people compared to the previous month while that of 25 years and older falls by 72,788 people.

Records are also broken in the Social Security affiliation, which has been located in the 19,442,113 occupied in the last month, the highest figure in the series of the months of May. In fact, it is the second largest record in the historical series since data is available, only surpassed in July 2007 (19,493,050). The occupation in the month grew by 211,752 workers (1.10%); and in the last 12 months the system increases by more than half a million (526,446), 2.78%. This May, for the first time, it records a number of women employed above 9 million (9,043,749). As for men, the number of workers reaches 10,398,364. The General Regime reaches 16,097,438 affiliated persons, it is the highest record in the historical series.

However, May shows another new drop in the rate of indefinite hiring, a constant since the beginning of the year (-4.2%) that has sharpened last month and shows that companies do not finish seeing the economic horizon clearly. In May 2,075,741 hires were registered. Of that total, 184,161 are work contracts of an indefinite nature, 1,883,367 temporary contracts and 8,213 of a formative nature. April indefinite contracts are divided, in terms of working hours, into 106,602 full-time and 77,559 part-time.

On the other hand, the figures for the freelancers show a clear stagnation of activity. The self-employed affiliation registered in May the worst data since 2012, just 11,114 more affiliates, 60% less than in 2018. While in the first five months of the year the self-employed grew by 23,192 affiliates, in the same period last year they did in 56,720 affiliates, a drop of 33,528 affiliations to this regime.

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