January 23, 2021

UNED contemplates a continuous evaluation system along with online exams – La Provincia

The UNED Government team works on the Action Plan for Evaluation Management in the 2019-2020 academic year in order to guarantee adequate monitoring and evaluation of UNED students, thus allowing the exercise of their right to education and to be objectively evaluated. Due to the confinement derived from the health alert by Covid-19, the ordinary call of June 2020 will not be able to be carried out in person, so a continuous evaluation system has been established together with an online examination system, according to the Rectoral Resolution of April 3, 20202. An evaluation system that will respect the right to academic freedom, enabling the proposal of content and the application of the evaluation criteria.

To centralize all the information related to Evaluation Management in the 2019-2020 academic year, a web page has been enabled, Evaluation 2020, this portal will be updated as the calendars and the different procedures that affect are specified. to the entire evaluation process. The creation of this new web portal is a response to the concern of the university community, as acknowledged by the rector of UNED, Ricardo Maira: “I want to thank both the professors, the tutors and all the UNED staff for your commitment to our students. To the student community, I want to transmit a message of calm. I am aware of the difficulties that many of you are going through. My goal is that you can continue the academic year and that those of you who are about to graduate can The Action Plan that has been designed is sensitive to the new reality. ”

In the current health emergency situation caused by the Covid-19, the evaluation of UNED students may be carried out online through two complementary channels: continuous evaluation through the tools available on the aLF platform, including the integrated AVIP web conferencing and AVIP-Pro recording system, environments already known to members of the UNED community. The synchronous final exam using the Virtual Examination Classroom (AvEx Classroom) developed by the Technological Centers of the UNED. A system that seeks to maintain as closely as possible the characteristics of the face-to-face experience.


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