Uncertainty in On Tide with internal elections in the air a few hours after its start

Uncertainty in On Tide with internal elections in the air a few hours after its start

The celebration of the internal elections of En Marea is in the air a few hours from the moment chosen for the start of the voting: 09.00 hours on Saturday. The Committee of Guarantees of the instrumental party has decided to suspend the process for a series of "irregularities" detected and not yet resolved. However, the Electoral Committee, controlled by the critical sector with Luís Villares, discredits the decision of Guarantees and affirms that the elections are going ahead.

The conflict erupted at around 8:00 pm this Friday, when the Guarantees Committee approved unanimously not to lift the precautionary suspension that had lasted since last Tuesday on the holding of elections to the Consello das Mareas, in which the List of Luís Villares against the one of the critical sector, integrated by Podemos, Anova, EU and the tides of Santiago, A Coruña and Ferrol.

However, the resolution of Guarantees is discredited by the Electoral Committee, made up of 13 people, ten of whom are related to the critical sector. The committee assures that it is their "exclusive competence" to govern the electoral process and that "competition does not correspond to the Commission of Guarantees that implies the suspension" of the elections.

Thus, in the absence of less than 12 hours for the time set for the opening of ballot boxes (09.00 hours on Saturday) it is unknown if En Marea registrants can vote through the electronic system 'Agora Voting', hired by the direction of the party to which, therefore, corresponds the power to give the approval for the start of the voting.

According to sources consulted by Europa Press, the direction of En Marea headed by Luís Villares follows the opinion of the Guarantees Committee, which was adopted unanimously by its three members (two related to Villares and one close to the critical sector).

Voices of the candidacy integrated by the critical sector believe that the decision to suspend the process corresponds to an attempt to "give a pucherazo" on the part of the direction of Luis Villares, who is presented to the elections under the list 'Coidando a casa' .

Minutes after knowing the opinion of Guarantees, Villares' candidacy account on Twitter published a message in which he showed his respect for the resolution and put himself "at the disposal" of this body and the Electoral Committee.


Guarantees alleges that a series of "irregularities" have been detected that prevent the conclusion of the process. One of these irregularities consists of an episode registered between Sunday and last Tuesday, when there was a problem in accessing the census of En Marea.

The three members of the Guarantees Commission (Adrián Accion, Chema García and Manuel Nogueira), the party's legal head before the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, Gonzalo Rodríguez (member of the coordinator), reported in a press appearance. he could not access the census for a period of 24 hours. This fact was reported to the Agency and Guarantees has commissioned an audit to know what happened.

Guarantees says that there are no "suspicions" that they have been able to commit violations or modifications of the census, although they refer to the results of the audit, which they expect to know next week. They affirm that the elections could be held "in one or two weeks", once this information becomes available and the rest of the irregularities are corrected.

And is that, in addition to the episode recorded with the census, this body justifies that the suspension is also due to other technical problems, such as last minute changes in the configuration of the ballot that prevent performing "all the necessary safety tests" to celebrate the process by telematic means and the lack of communication by the Electoral Committee of the premises authorized to cast the vote in person.

The members of Guarantees assure that these problems are motivated by "the lack of time and foresight" with which the Electoral Committee worked, which was elected in the plenary session of En Marea that took place on October 27. They assure that the committee was constituted "late", since instead of doing it "Monday or Tuesday" following its election (it was proclaimed on October 28) it was formed "two weeks later".


Minutes after the appearance of the Commission of Guarantees, the Electoral Committee issued a resolution in which it discredited the suspension of the process alleging that Garantías does not have the competences to do so, since these are "exclusive" of the Electoral Committee, which fails to "the conditions are given" so that the elections "can develop".

In this way, it dictates that the process of election of the Consello das Mareas goes ahead and summons the coordinator of En Marea (integrated exclusively by Villaines affines) to inform the registrants that the process will be held "with the schedule foreseen and approved in the Plenary of October 27 ".

Thus, in the face of the contradiction of these bodies controlled by the different sectors of En Marea that maintain an open confrontation for two years, the celebration of the elections of En Marea remains in the air a few hours from the time set for the start of voting.


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