July 3, 2020

Unax Ugalde, award for best actor for 'The strategy of the pequins' in Italy – The Province

The actor Unax Ugalde receives the award for Best Actor for his role as Tito El Palmera in the feature film The strategy of the Pekingese, by Elio Quiroga, at the San Benedetto Film Festival, in Italy. The film, shot entirely in Gran Canaria and based on the homonymous novel by Alexis Ravelo, winner of the Hammett of the Semana Negra de Gijón 2014, the Novelpol 2014 and the 2014 Tormo Award, competes in the official section of this Italian event, which celebrates its third edition and where other films like Fuori Center (2019) by Sandro Fabiani, Il sole sulla pelle (2019) by Massimo Bondielli, The Forest (2019) by Viktor Gasic and Voice of the wolf (2019) by Alberto Gelpi. The Canarian film, also nominated for the Audience Award, competes in the Official Section of the Festival with feature films such as

The San Benedetto Film Festival seeks to offer the highlights of the European production of the year and favor the premieres in Italy in the face of distribution in the country, and is organized by two associations of the city: the Compagnia O'Scenici and Antoniana Eventi .

Unax Ugalde describes the character who won the Best Actor at the Festival in this way: "Tito, known by his friends as" El Palmera ", is a guy who has not been able to get a stable job for a long time and sometimes he has flirted with crime, but without exceeding certain limits: one day, a friend and his mentor, "El Rubio", played by Jorge Bosch, offers him an opportunity to get good money, He wants to use it to buy a bar, something he has always wanted to do, and they strike with Cora, who plays Kira Miró, and falls in love, they are all desperate, and they try to rob some drug dealers, which is never good idea, and I can not count much more for those who have not seen the movie. "

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