Unauto will appeal the obligation to hire the VTC 15 minutes in advance

Unauto will appeal the obligation to hire the VTC 15 minutes in advance

Unauto, the employer of the transport vehicle business with driver (VTC), announced this Friday that it will appeal the decision of the Government to force contracts with a minimum of 15 minutes before the services of companies such as Uber or Cabify.

The association, which represents 90% of the sector in Spain, considers that this regulation "would not be fair, since it would mean the end of the sector".

Unauto recalls in a statement that "in no other European country there is a legal framework that contemplates something similar" and warns the Generalitat that it would face compensation of more than 1,000 million euros if it definitively approved this measure.

"If this is carried out, there is no doubt that we will appeal and we will take it to the Constitutional Court," says Unauto, who guarantees the more than 3,000 workers in the VTC sector in Catalonia that they will not stay "with their arms crossed" "before the attempts of the administration to limit its activity.

"Doing what the taxi asks is sending more than 3,000 people to swell the unemployment lists, while ignoring the preference of more than two million Catalans, who have chosen to use these mobility alternatives", underlines the presiding entity. Eduardo Martín

The proposal of the Generalitat to force the VTC services to be contracted at least 15 minutes beforehand has also annoyed Barcelona taxi drivers, who have called an indefinite strike immediately in protest of this measure.


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