August 3, 2021

Unai Sordo: "Without Budgets, the legislature has no path" | Economy

Unai Sordo: "Without Budgets, the legislature has no path" | Economy

The general secretary of Workers' Commissions, Unai Sordo, affirmed today that "without State's general budgets, the legislature has no route ", what would force to advance the elections. "The question is to guess the date" of the electoral convocation, he said. In any case, he stressed that, despite this, it is "perfectly possible to address some of the pending reforms", mainly those referring to the correction of the labor reform or the regulation of pensions, which the union will not to claim

During an informative breakfast organized by Nueva Economía Fórum and before the presence of three ministers (Labor, Magdalena Valerio, Energy Transition, Teresa Ribera, and Industry, Reyes Maroto), Sordo said that "a drag of legislature without budgets and without agreement with the Catalan nationalist parties it generates instability ". Then he recalled that his union has maintained that position for some time, "even when the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, implied that yes or yes was going to extend the term."

The union leader argues that it is very possible to address on Fridays (celebration of the Councils of Ministers) that are left in case they were held in April, through royal decree-law, the measures that are already negotiated at the tables of social dialogue , as the subsidy for people over 52, the ultraactivity of the agreements or the prevalence of the agreement sectoral compared to the company.

On pensions, Sordo has advocated repealing the sustainability factor that reflects the 2013 reform and develop a new framework that does not link the pension to life expectancy and take into account other factors. He also noted that fiscal measures can be addressed that will allow more income, taking advantage of the fact that Spain has a fiscal pressure "seven or eight points" less than the European average. "With half of this we can undertake with a much greater fiscal sufficiency" the policies on health, dependency, education or pensions.

For its part, Magdalena Valerio, stressed at the end of the act in this regard that does not think in weeks, "I think of the day to day and take forward important projects for this country." At the same time, he has stated that he expects that there will be "sanity and a sense of responsibility" so that the 2019 Budgets will go forward tomorrow in the Congress of Deputies. "I think of all those investments for all of Spain, in general, and for Catalonia, in particular," he added, after stating that "hope is the last thing that is lost."

Wrong position

On the situation in Catalonia, coinciding with the start of the trial of the you procés, the secretary general of CC OO has not hesitated to affirm that "it is not that the independence movement has gone from braking, but that it has had an absolutely wrong position". "It has gotten into a lane with no return, a strategy that has come to an end," he stressed while also stressing that "it is necessary to sharpen the situation and that the parties speak, we need a scenario of rationalization that allows us to reach to dialogue, which is the only way to solve the mess ".

For the Deaf, the political situation "is increasingly worrying." "The terms in which some leader of the right has been expressed last week have worried me a lot, I have not seen a level of discourse as fragmentary as I have seen in a long time," he said, adding that the country lives "in a kind of sandwich" because of the mismanagement that has been made of the end of bipartisanship.

At that point, he has criticized that there is no "culture of the pact." And he has demanded "repose to politics" in the face of the situation that is generating competition from the speeches of the right, which in his opinion place the country in a "tension and polarization really worrying." "Progressive forces should not go to a bloc as much as they try to change the frame of reference of the things that concern them, and, according to their point of view," that can only be achieved with the social agenda. "" The challenge of ls progressive forces is to change the axis of rotation through social policies such as wage equality, fiscal improvement or the defense of the social model ".

After highlighting the importance of feminism to address any such action, Sordo has indicated that March 8 should be "an enormous exercise of social mobilization that gives continuity to the position that was held a year ago" in reference to the two-year strike hours convened. In this regard, stressed that "the fact of calling for a general strike I think it does not proceed, because it is not a general strike to use and what we seek unions is that companies talk about why there is a gap salary, among other issues, has more to do with a process of collective awareness. "


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