Unai Sordo denounces the "resistance" of many companies to raise the SMI

Unai Sordo denounces the "resistance" of many companies to raise the SMI

The secretary general of CCOO, Unai Sordo, has denounced this Friday the "resistance" of many companies to raise the minimum interprofessional salary (SMI) and business organizations to apply the wage increase agreed in labor agreements.

In a press conference in Palencia, the leader of CCOO has reported that he is observing "resistance" in many companies to raise the SMI and that is channeled by increasing days to "absorb" that rise or "absorbing variable bonuses" that workers have in the agreements.

In this way, what increases from the base salary detracts from those bonuses, he explained.

"It is not generalized, but alerts are coming from many places in Spain, sometimes in entire sectors where there is a clear and organized resistance of companies to apply the rise of the SMI," he warned.

That is why he has asked all the workers to check their payroll and make sure that they are paying well, because if not, CCOO will undertake negotiation actions with the companies so that the SMI will be paid correctly.

He also said that they are observing "a lot of resistance" in business organizations to meet the commitments signed with unions to raise wages around three percent and place the 14,000 euros as the minimum wage in all of Spain's agreements.

"They are taking steps but we are having many resistances," he warned.

According to the data of the agreements registered in February, the average wage increase of the signatories is 2.31%, while the year-on-year inflation stands at 1.1%, which in their opinion reveals that through the Collective bargaining is recovering a part of the lost purchasing power but much remains to be done.

That is why it has demanded that business organizations comply with the commitments and has warned that throughout 2019 and 2020 "the priority" of CCOO will be that the signed commitments materialize in the thousands of agreements that will be renewed in Spain .


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