Unai Sordo (CCOO) believes that the "ordago" of Torra is not "serious" and urges him to "stop bravado" and talk

Unai Sordo has shown his "concern" about the situation that exists in Catalonia and has revealed the "inability" of Torra to have a "minimal sense of reality" because, in his opinion, "you have to have a little feet on the ground".

In that sense, he has considered that "to raise a question about a supposed referendum of self-determination in a month, since it is evident that it is not an even serious approach" that, as the CCOO leader has added, shows the "inability of management in the Generalitat ".

Sordo has spoken in this way to journalists' questions this Wednesday in Badajoz, where he has advocated "opening a stage for dialogue, for relaxation of the socio-political situation in Catalonia" in which Torra has an "enormous responsibility".

Thus, has indicated that the central government "would have to facilitate that scenario" but has opined that who has to "move the ball" are the Catalan institutions.

"I think they are launching orders that do not correspond to what this territory needs, which is a process of political detente, of being aware that the 'procés' does not lead anywhere," and that, as he has asserted, is a journey that "is exhausted, right now is to pedal a bicycle that does not lead anywhere," he said.

In this regard, Sordo has considered that Torra "feels very pressured" because "if you stop pedaling", on the one hand, "the bicycle falls" and, on the other hand, "it seems that part of the fans are going to throw in face that stop giving pedalada ".

"I think we need high-level politicians and not someone who is thinking about the pedaling of the day after tomorrow because the problem we have is absolutely serious and decisive in the governability of the State, which concerns me logically, but above all in the political situation in Catalonia and by derivation in the whole of Spain, "he concluded.


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