UN Women recommends Colombia actions for female empowerment

UN Women recommends Colombia actions for female empowerment

UN Women today made six recommendations to Colombia to achieve greater advances in women's empowerment and improve their living conditions, in a report delivered to the Government of President Iván Duque.

"The National Report Progress of Women in Colombia 2018: Transforming economies to realize rights" presents advances, limitations and opportunities for the economic empowerment of women, their incorporation into markets and their participation in economic development.

This was stated to Efe by the representative of UN Women Colombia, Ana Güezmes, who explained that among the recommendations made to the Government is the need to create more and better jobs for women.

Emphasis must also be placed on improving protection systems, containing the adverse effects of the economic slowdown, recognizing and redistributing the work of unpaid care, fostering egalitarian relations and making motherhood an option.

Güezmes stressed that "we must generate much more quality employment, more formal employment" and that in other countries it has been positive "to increase the salary".

He stressed that "containing the adverse effects of the economic slowdown" is important because it is necessary to ensure social spending.

"From UN Women we are making a great call to generate public budgets with a gender focus, to improve fiscal resources to be redistributive," Güezmes added.

The representative of UN Women Colombia insisted that the report makes a series of concrete recommendations but that what the Government is told is that there are opportunities for progress, especially since there is a presence of women in higher education.

"There is talent, there is capacity, the country has legislation and an institutional framework that allows this change, but we must take more accelerated steps because the empowerment of women is stagnating in terms of labor participation," said Güezmes.

He stressed that the report was made based on data from the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE), from which an analysis of scenarios is made on the current situation of women in the economy.

The recommendations seek to close the gender gaps and expand the potential of Colombian women, so that the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development materializes in the country.


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