UN Rapporteur García-Sayán cancels visit to Morocco for lack of guarantees

UN Rapporteur García-Sayán cancels visit to Morocco for lack of guarantees

The UN Rapporteur on judicial independence, the Peruvian Diego García-Sayán, canceled only hours before the visit that tomorrow had to start in Morocco for not being able to perform "in the necessary conditions."

García-Sayán had scheduled a visit between March 20 and 26 to examine the latest measures implemented by the Moroccan government to advance the independence and impartiality of the judicial system, as well as guarantees for the independence of lawyers.

In a statement issued by the High Commissioner for Human Rights, which the rapporteur depends on, accuses Morocco of "not having guaranteed a work program in accordance with the needs of the mandate", and recalls that by definition, the visits of special rapporteurs They must have total freedom of movement and freedom of investigation.

Specifically, García-Sayán says that he demanded "freely determine my priorities, including the places to visit", but "it is very unfortunate that these suggestions and the work program were not taken into consideration entirely".

The Moroccan government always tends to boast that the UN rapporteurs visit the country regularly, and this has been the case in recent years in most cases; therefore, the annulment of García-Sayán's visit is unprecedented, as is the fact that the UN publicly publicizes the reasons for disagreement.

So far, the Moroccan government has not referred to the cancellation of the visit of the rapporteur.


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