November 30, 2020

UN mission will meet with all sectors in Ecuador after protests

A team from the United Nations Office for Human Rights is in Ecuador to meet with representatives of all sectors in the Andean country, which this month lived eleven days of social protests, many of them violent, due to the rising cost of the fuels.

A source from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on Monday confirmed to Efe that "the people who make up the group have arrived in Ecuador."

"They will meet with representatives of all relevant sectors of society, as well as with various authorities," he noted before adding that "for reasons of confidentiality your agenda will not be shared."

He said that when they finish the mission, they will share the information gathered with the High Commissioner, Michelle Bachelet, and said that "during their stay in Ecuador there will be no meeting with the press."

Last week it was reported from Geneva that a team of three experts from the United Nations Office for Human Rights will be in Ecuador from October 20 to November 8 to investigate alleged human rights violations committed in the country during recent protests .

The mission, invited by the Government of Ecuador, "will investigate the allegations that the office has received about possible abuses committed by state security forces, but also by third parties," the spokeswoman for the press said in a press conference in Geneva on Friday Ravina Shamdasani organism.

The experts "will meet with government officials, indigenous leaders, representatives of civil society, journalists and other parties to learn first hand information about the circumstances of violence that has spread throughout the country since October 3," he added.

And he asked the authorities to also conduct impartial and transparent investigations of the alleged human rights violations committed in eleven days of demonstrations and riots.

The protests in Ecuador against economic adjustments of the Government linked to a credit agreement with the International Monetary Fund ended last Sunday October 13 with a balance of at least six deaths, hundreds of wounded and millions of material losses.

The demonstrations ended when the head of state, Lenín Moreno, repealed the controversial decree 883, which eliminated fuel subsidies.

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