Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Umbrellas and sunglasses - The Province

Umbrellas and sunglasses - The Province

Gran Canaria lived yesterday one of those days in which he made good his motto of 'continent in miniature'. While the capital was flooded at noon, in Puerto de Mogán they enjoyed at the same time of more than 26 degrees, the highest of the Archipelago and the third highest in all of Spain. It was a day in which the meteorological contrast and instability was noticed as seldom in the round island. And it is that in Las Canteras the brown waters and the umbrellas of the morning gave way to an afternoon full of sunglasses. Even some swimmer took a dip.

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The morning rain allowed a sunset with a clean atmosphere, which together with the almost clear skies left wonderful pictures from the Roque Nublo to the capital. Ideal for postal hunters.

In the rest of the archipelago it was one more day of spring, with a predominance of clear skies and weak showers. Thus, it was Gran Canaria left Valverde with just 15.4 liters per square meter and Tenerife North airport with 9.6, far from the 26.1 of the Gran Canaria capital. In the eastern islands rain gauges just rose from the Pájara 2.8 and not a drop in Lanzarote. Of course, the rabbit island narrowly escaped an electrical storm that brushed the northern area with more than 1,400 rays throughout the day. They savored a summer day with the 23.8 degrees of Arrecife.

The province of Tenerife, meanwhile, barely registered rains yesterday. The maximum, after 15.4 of Valverde and 9.6 of Tenerife North airport were in 4.2 of Tacoronte. But the good had already happened on Tuesday. Thus, the snow in the Roque de los Muchachos, on the summit of La Palma, was the most significant picture of the storm that affected the western islands that day, with considerable rainfall in different municipalities of the province. And that most usual picture of winter remained in the afternoon yesterday, including snow on Mount Teide.

The Cabildo palmero was forced to prevent the movement of trucks on the LP-4 road, accessing the astrophysical complex of Roque, because of the dangerous nature of the snow on the road, while recommending the use of chains to the rest of vehicles.

Throughout the province, umbrellas had become the protagonists of the day. Next to them, the windshield wipers or the races of some clueless appeared again, soaking wet, they went to shelter under the nearest awning.

Such is the amount of water that has fallen in recent days in the Western Isles that the first data handled by the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) already indicate, as occurs with the East, a significant contrast with those recorded during a winter " Extremely dry. "

The 64 liters per square meter recorded in Agulo, in La Gomera, stood out. The precipitations also affected El Hierro and Tenerife, where the Aemet had decreed the yellow warning, as in La Palma.

Forecast of weak rains
For this Thursday the forecast of weak rains in the whole Archipelago is maintained. The Aemet highlights in its meteorological part as probable significant local strong squalls phenomena north of La Palma and Tenerife during the first half of the day. In summits of La Palma and Tenerife, probable snowfalls above 2100 m.

Meanwhile, it forecasts cloudy intervals in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, with probable weak rains in the first half of the day and with a low probability of being locally strong in Lanzarote during the early morning, tending to be cloudy at night. It also expects cloudy in the islands of greater relief, with weak to moderate rain that will subside in the afternoon. And temperatures are expected without many changes, moderate wind, from the north in the western islands and from the northwest turning in the afternoon to the north in the eastern ones.


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