May 18, 2021

Ultrasound, the new technique to eliminate Parkinson's tremors

Ultrasound, the new technique to eliminate Parkinson's tremors

The University Hospital of Navarra has presented a new technology that eliminates the tremors of Parkinson's without the need of surgery or anesthesia. There is also no need for a hospital admission: it is a technique based on ultrasound

"It's a helmet that emits high frequency ultrasound that are located in a target ", explains Mari Cruz Rodríguez Oroz, director of Neurology at the University Hospital of Navarra. José, the tremors did not let him make a normal life, but thanks to this technique, he has returned to be an independent man. This technique consists of applying ultrasound directly to the neurons that produce this pathology, eliminating them forever. In this way, the tremors disappear forever.

However, this technique is not cheap, but its main advantage is that It can be applied to elderly patients who can not undergo surgery. The treatment is pioneer in Europe and consists in the incorporation of the high intensity focal ultrasound technology "HIFU". "As it is not an invasive procedure, the complications are minimal "adds Jordi Gurudi, rector of Neurosurgery.


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