Tue. Nov 19th, 2019

Ultra-rightists exalt the Franco regime and burn stelades in Barcelona

Ultraderechistas exaltan el franquismo y queman estelades en Barcelona

Several right-wing organizations They have demonstrated this Friday on the occasion of Hispanic Day in their usual political act in Montjuïc. In the mobilization, in which several dozen people have participated and in which they have exhibited preconstitutional flags and with the Celtic cross or the Nazi swastika, a stellar flag and a banner of the ANC have been burned.

The spokespersons of the far-right groups National Democracy, The Falange and the Catholic Movement have blamed the Constitution for the current political situation in Spain, which they have called "chaos", and have opted for the suppression of autonomy. They have also considered that Catalonia, the Valencian Community, the Balearic Islands, the Basque Country and Navarre are in a "state of rebellion".

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