June 18, 2021

ULPGC brand technological solutions – La Provincia

Monserrat Alemán Vega, graduated in Marine Sciences from the ULPGC (2018); Katherine Arias Vásquez, graduated in Industrial Engineering (2016) and currently a student of the Master in Business Management and Human Resources at the ULPGC; and Jorge Palmero Vega, graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the ULPGC (2019) and currently completing the Master of Research in Advanced Industrial Technologies and Processes, are the authors of the winning Cooltainers project, which consists of a system that allows a refrigerated container to be divided into sections , maintaining different temperatures in each of the compartments.

Blue economy

The initiative emerged last year within the framework of a hackathon on the blue economy integrated into the BlueUP project of the Factoría de Coheión Ciudad y Puerto Juntos (Facocip), resulting in the winning project of this third edition. There the three young people met, and decided to join as a multidisciplinary team. “In this event we were able to detect the need that exists in the face of wasting space for transporting refrigerated merchandise, since there is no flexibility to transport products at different temperatures in a refrigerated container, transporting a large part of them semi-empty and causing economic losses and emitting large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) ”, pointed out its authors.

The authors are an industrial engineer, a graduate in Marine Sciences and a mechanical engineer


According to Katherine Arias, they undertook the design of a door that allows a refrigerated container to be divided into sections. “We saw that it could be a solution to the maritime transport of empty containers, because there is nothing with flexibility to be able to store loads of different temperatures, that is why they need more containers, and that causes more CO2 to be emitted, a very strong problem that we seek to solve with this system ».

Thus was born Cooltainers, a technological combination that integrates hardware that is an intelligent door adaptable to any refrigerated container that allows goods to be transported at more than two different temperatures, from frozen to fresh products; and software that consists of a platform that contributes to knowing the temperature and location of the load in real time. “This idea aims to reduce costs in logistics, transport and storage companies, reduce the price of basic refrigerated food and reduce the carbon footprint,” point out its creators, who also have the support of the University of Las Palmas, Facocip, RedCIDE and Recaba.

The three young people have not stopped working on the project, proclaiming themselves winners last Friday, May 7, of Explorer by X, a 12-week training from Santander for Young People with Solutions, which helps to validate the idea and turn it into a sustainable business , contributing to achieving the 2030 SDGs.

It has a software that allows to know the temperature and the location of the load in real time


The Explorer Gran Canaria 2021 Youth with Solutions Program is a pre-entrepreneurship initiative promoted by Banco Santander through Santander Universities, with the coordination of the Santander International Entrepreneurship Center (CISE) and the support of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) through the Vice-Rector’s Office for Students, Alumni and Employability. Within this framework, training and tutoring have been provided for 12 weeks to projects whose promoters are young people between the ages of 18 and 31 who want to develop their business ideas.

Sustainable development

In this edition, the solutions provided by the participating projects have been aligned with one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The Explorer Gran Canaria 2021 Program began with the participation of 29 projects, and of these, 20 have managed to complete the full itinerary of the program.

After a previous selection of the 10 best ideas, Cooltainers was the winner in this edition of the Explorer Program Gran Canaria 2021. As a prize, Monserrat Alemán and Katherine Arias, will make a trip together with the promoters of the other winning Explorer projects in the other centers that have participated in this edition. The destination city of the trip is Porto and the explorers will be able to enjoy during a week of the different activities that are organized in the concerted innovation center. The scheduled date for the trip has had to be postponed until July 2022 due to the situation caused by the Covid pandemic.

The jury in Gran Canaria was made up of members of the ULPGC, specifically, David Sánchez, vice-rector for Students, Alumni and Employability; Lourdes Sarmiento, director of External Internships and Employability; and Javier Santana, director of Alumni and Transversal Training.

It will contribute to lower the price of refrigerated food and reduce the carbon footprint


Along with Cooltainers, the Walid projects have also been positively valued, which consists of a bottle with an in situ filtering system that allows recharging at any tap, presented by Víctor Manuel Bompart Cairos, Jorge Porto Hernández, and Rubén Darío Cabrera Meine; and Jatila, a cosmetic that offers products made with zero kilometer raw materials, in a natural, ecological and artisanal way, proposed by Claudia Quintana García and Noemí Reyes Marrero.


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