Ukraine vetoes its Eurovision representative for its relationship with Russia | TV

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine re-enters Eurovision. The participant chosen by voting by the Ukrainian spectators to go to the contest in Tel Aviv will not participate in the festivl. Kiev considers that Anna Korsun, known as Maruv, does not meet the requirements to be "cultural ambassador" of Ukraine. The pop star, 27 years old, often gives concerts in Russia and had several tours planned by that country. Something that has caused a great political dust in Ukraine. So much that has led to public television has decided that it is not the right person to attend the festival, which is held next May. Kiev and Moscow they live a very serious conflict since five years ago Russia the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea was annexed. Conflict that is an open war with more than 10,000 dead in the East of Ukraine, where the Kremlin backs the pro-Russian separatists.

So, neither Maruv nor his catchy and sensual song in English Siren Song they will go to Eurovision. After winning the contest, the Ukrainian public broadcaster UA offered the singer a contract that prevented him from acting in Russia. He gave him 24 hours to sign it. Maruv and the station did not reach an agreement and UA ended up disqualifying it. Now he must appoint another representative for the festival, a spokesperson for the station said. The singer explained that she had been willing to cancel her concerts in Russia but that she could not accept other imposed conditions; He did not detail them, but he maintains that these requirements would amount to "censorship". If he accepted, he said, he would be doing "political propaganda." And he accused the public broadcaster of stealing the victory.

"I am a Ukrainian citizen, I pay my taxes and I sincerely love Ukraine, but I am not ready to address myself. [a la gente] with slogans, converting my participation in the contest in the promotion of our politicians. I am a musician, not a bat on the political stage, "the singer wrote on her Facebook page." I appreciate your support for those who supported me and voted for me, but I ask you to accept this situation and not take the path of confrontation. " The star said, whose song adds almost seven million views on YouTube During the contest, Maruv faced questions about his relationship with Russia by the jury, including one on the sovereignty of Crimea to which the singer responded by pointing that the peninsula is Ukrainian territory.

In a statement, the UA said that the person or group that represents Ukraine at the festival is also committed to becoming "cultural ambassador of Ukraine." And that means "to offer not only their music but also to express the opinion of the Ukrainian society in the world". The public network has considered that Maruv does not comply with the requirements and affirms that despite the negotiations, his representatives and the singer did not find a "common ground" for the agreement.

Just before, the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture had intervened saying that only "patriots who are aware of their responsibility" should be allowed to sing for Ukraine in the annual contest while "thousands of heroes die for the territorial integrity of Ukraine".

This is not the first controversy between Russia and Ukraine that makes the leap to Eurovision. When Kiev hosted the festival vetoed the representative of Russia because she had acted in Crimea - whose annexation violates international law, according to the EU or the USA, for example - without the permission of the Ukrainian Government. In 2016, the singer Jamala had won the international competition with a song entitled 1944, alluding to the deportations of the Crimean Tatars by Stalin.

In addition, the well-known festival had already had its dose of political controversy this year to be held in Tel Aviv. Numerous voices have accused Israel of using the musical contest to whitewash its image and a hundred artists - from singer Roger Waters to filmmaker Ken Loach - have called for the boycott of Eurovision to denounce that Israel "violates the Human Rights of the Palestinians"


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