Ukraine offers Europe 12 billion cubic meters to store gas for Russia

The Ukrainian state company Ukrtransgaz today offered to Europe 12,000 cubic meters of underground gas storage to ensure uninterrupted supply to Hungary and avoid "an eventual threat" to energy security by Russia during the next winter season.

"Currently, Ukraine can offer European consumers about 12 billion cubic meters of storage," Ukrtransgaz said in a statement, which only uses between 50% and 60% of the capacity of its 11 warehouses.

The entity offers this service especially to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

He cites as an example Hungary, which consumes more than 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year, of which more than 75% is covered by Russia.

"Ukraine's underground storage facilities can help Hungary to supply gas to its consumers without interruption during the next winter, if Russia suspends the transit of gas through Ukraine to the countries of the European Union from January 1 2020, "he says.

On that date, a ten-year contract between the Ukrainian state-owned gas company Naftogaz and the Russian company Gazprom will expire, unless the parties reach an agreement to extend it.

In the course of a dispute between the two companies, a Stockholm arbitration court ordered Gazprom to reimburse Naftogaz 4,600 million dollars for having violated the terms of this contract and the contract for gas supplies to Ukraine.

Russian Deputy Energy Minister Anatoly Yanovsky today confided that the two sides will reach a new agreement on gas transit in the trilateral talks between Russia, Ukraine and the European Commission in May or October, the Russian state agency RIA said. Nóvosti.

"The transit will be maintained if the new contract is signed, I am sure we will reach a consensus, I have no doubts," he said.


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