Ukraine asks Spain for help to publish children's books and rebuild the museum with works by Prymachenko

At the bilateral meeting of Ministers of Culture of Ukraine and Spain held last Tuesday by video call, Oleksandr Tkachenko, head of the cultural portfolio of the country invaded by Russia, has asked Miquel Iceta to support Ukrainian artists, cultural institutions of the country and damaged immovable cultural heritage. Specifically, Tkachenko has requested the involvement of Spain in the reconstruction of the Ivánkiv Museum of Local History, as he has indicated on his Telegram channel.

Ukraine adds 158 monuments and cultural sites damaged or destroyed by Russia

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This art gallery, 30 kilometers from kyiv, which preserved part of the work of the artist Maria Prymachenko (1909-1997), an exponent of naive painting, was object of a Russian attack in the first days of the invasion. Tkachenko described the meeting as "fruitful" and invited the Spanish minister to join the restoration of this museum or other destroyed cultural monuments, and requested that Spain join the Large-Scale Reconstruction project in the Ukrainian territories where it is safe to do so.

The Ministry of Culture, which affirms that it is "fully committed to providing support" indicates that, after the meeting, "no concrete action has yet been defined" and that they are waiting to receive a list with more detailed information on all damaged monuments and buildings and the restoration needs of each of them.

books for children

The Ukrainian Minister of Culture has also asked his Spanish counterpart to support independent publishers, writers and artists in Ukraine through the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and the Ukrainian Book Institute, cooperating in the publication of Ukrainian books, especially intended for children.

Regarding this help line, the Ministry clarifies that its commitment is "total" and that it is waiting to receive all the details, to "study the possible measures to be implemented" with which to support from Spain the lack of editorial activity in Ukraine. and the lack of books, especially for children, in the Ukrainian language, "always in accordance with what the Ukrainian authorities consider to be a priority in each of the areas."

While they receive the documentation they have requested, the Spanish cultural ministry is making "an estimate" of participation, "either through financing, technical capabilities or a combination of both."

For its part, the office of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) in Spain is seeking funding to transport a donation of materials intended for Ukrainian museums, as ICOM France has done.

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