October 23, 2020

UJI: 140 professors of the Jaume I of Castellón have their career frozen by a decision of the Treasury | Society

UJI: 140 professors of the Jaume I of Castellón have their career frozen by a decision of the Treasury | Society

This is a swap of teaching positions among Valencian public universities, specifically 46 posts. The Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) has them for their replacement rate but does not use them and has agreed to lend them to the Universitat Jaume I (UJI) of Castellón, which does need them. It is the "imaginative" and "no added cost" formula that Jaume I came up with to unblock the waiting list by almost a third, in which there are 140 requests for promotion to the figure of contracted labor or head teacher. A "neck of bottle" in every rule that blocks his research activity and the request for new projects and slows down the teaching activity, explain to EL PAÍS sources of the Castellón University. "It is necessary that a public university has a stable staff to be able to assume their functions," they add.

The Rector of the Jaume I, Eva Alcón, assures that the university that presides has "a serious problem of generational change and stabilization of its teaching and research staff derived from the fact that many of its titles have been implanted or consolidated over the last years, when the economic crisis made it impossible for public universities could take out personnel hiring positions beyond those derived from pensions. " The one of the UJI is a peculiar casuistry. Its exponential growth added to the youth of its staff, which does not generate the necessary retirements – currently only available as many places as vacancies are free for retirement – have plunged the institution into a "dramatic and virtually unique situation throughout Spain" , indicates Alcón.

The interuniversity assignment of squares proposed had the approval of the governing councils of both academic centers. Also liked the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities and the Ministry of Education, to understand that does not involve more public spending and that it is only a readjustment between institutions that do not consume their replacement rate to generate more vacancies for retirement than those that it needs, as it is the case of the UPV, and others of younger profile to which it is urgent to cover new places, such as the situation of the Jaume I.

But the formula has met with the refusal of the Ministry of Finance, where it is argued that attempts against university autonomy, "although it does not argue," noted in the Jaume I, where they have already filed a appeal to formalize the expansion of the public offer of employment. In the letter, he points out that such vulnerability does not occur "because the assignment has as its starting point the consent of the two highest academic authorities."

In this limbo Héctor Beltrán, a professor hired in the area of ​​Electrical Engineering of the UJI since 2006, Doctor and accredited to university holder in 2015, is trapped. "I got my accreditation five years ago and entered the list, since then I am waiting . They enter dropper … With this rate of consolidation of seats there are more people who achieve accreditation to consolidate than the one that can finally consolidate it. I've been a teacher for 14 years and I'm not yet an official, "he laments. Recognizes that "within what fits, I'm lucky, because my contract is at least undefined, while many colleagues have temporary," but sums up the difference between a university contract versus a position as owner: "Same responsibility and same number of hours, but less salary ".

The affected personnel describe as "injustice" the decision of the Treasury. "The transfer of places has been done in medical universities, between hospitals … Why not here? It's like having fallen into an absurdity, into a conflict of interests between ministries, "they say.

The formula proposed by the UJI would reduce by 46 the list of 140 people waiting, which is almost a third. "In addition, if the Treasury finally gave its approval, it would allow us the next year to take advantage of the replacement rate of the UPV and in two or three years to resolve this situation", conclude from the Jaume I. " The blockade is having consequences for day to day: many projects you can not ask for, nor appear as a headline in certain investigations … It is a problem for the operation of the university, "says Beltrán.


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