January 22, 2021

UGT denounces the dismissal of 200 Melià employees due to the coronavirus

The general secretary of the Federation of Services, Mobility and Consumption of the UGT in the Balearic Islands, Antonio Copete, has denounced this Thursday the “abuse” of the hotel chain Meliá Hotels International by dismissing 200 employees in Spain in recent days as a result of the coronavirus health crisis.

In statements to the media in Palma, Copete has said that the Mallorcan hotel company is “taking advantage of the situation” and has shown the union’s willingness to negotiate “exits” of employees in the face of the health situation.

“What we are not going to consent to is that Meliá take advantage of the situation and start firing,” he reiterated.

According to the union, the chain has fired 200 people, about 15 from the Balearic Islands, although “it will go further,” he predicted.

The union official has also referred to the start this Thursday of the negotiation of an ERTE at the airline Air Europa, which he described as “logical” in a situation like the current one.

“There are temporary exits to solve the problems of workers, but not to fire people with profiles of significant seniority, clearly taking advantage of a virus, whatever you call it,” he concluded.


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