March 8, 2021

UGT denounces Amazon Flex before the Labor Inspection for "fraud" with false self-employed

UGT has filed a complaint with the Madrid Labor Inspectorate against the Amazon Flex digital platform, whose distribution model is similar to that of other food distribution platforms, considering that it commits "fraud" around the figure of the false self-employed, since the workers use their own cars.

The union denounces that Amazon Flex reproduces the same lines of action of other platforms as Deliveroo, Glovo, Ubereats or Stuart, using false self-employed, although it remembers that some sentences have already determined the existence of an employment relationship between the delivery people and these platforms

In this case, UGT treats false self-employed because it establishes a distribution system in which the company selects the package number and the area to be distributed, with a two-hour payment system of 28 euros, to which fuel, car insurance and taxes are deducted for being autonomous.

In addition, he argues that a system of constant evaluation is established by the platform and the client, which would determine the number of hours to work the following week; that workers are obliged to accept the conditions imposed by Amazon or that they need compulsory prior training.

For all these reasons, the union has made progress and will also denounce this activity in Barcelona, ​​Bilbao and Seville and has demanded that the Ministry of Labor "immediately prevent the further expansion of fraud against workers and against Social Security".

In addition, UGT claims to society as a whole, on the occasion of the Amazon Prime Day that is celebrated these days, to be aware that "who takes home your product so cheap may not earn even the Minimum Interprofessional Wage (SMI) after paying all the taxes, not even reaching 600 euros per month. "

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