July 9, 2020

UGT calls for a state pact against the "unbearable" housing shortage

UGT calls for a state pact against the "unbearable" housing shortage

The general secretary of UGT, Pepe Álvarez, has called on political parties to agree on "a grand state pact" to address the growing problem of access to housing due to the "unbearable" increase in prices.

Álvarez, whose union has organized a conference on housing in collaboration with the Balearic Government and the City of Palma, has considered it essential that the main political forces agree to adopt legal measures and mobilize public resources to facilitate the exercise of the constitutional right to have a decent home

"If it happens on any other issue, we would be facing a situation of national alarm," said the leader of UGT in reference to the difficulties that many families go through in order to have a home, particularly workers in tourist areas where inflation of prices real estate is more accentuated.

"The public intervention has to provide a park of protected housing, not salable, not interchangeable," said Álvarez, who has argued that funds from the tourist tax implemented in the Balearic Islands are used to purchase housing.

In his opinion, the Spanish housing market "does not work" if it can not guarantee the right of access to housing or defend against phenomena that trigger speculation such as the uncontrolled expansion of tourist rentals and the massive acquisition of real estate by " Vulture funds".

"You can not put before the rights of citizens to have a decent home other interests that in many cases have a speculative character," Alvarez has abounded.


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