UGT asks to corner the CEOE to overthrow the labor reform

Considers that it can be repealed without the businessmen. The union wants the immediate suppression of dismissal for medical leave

«You have to cut them from the roots». This is what Pepe Álvarez, general secretary of UGT, referred to the injustices that generate certain aspects of the labor reforms of 2010 and 2012 and the Statute of Workers. In an informative meeting held yesterday, the UGT leader said that the government's music "sounds good" but asked that "the lyrics" be negotiated with social agents. However, for the union social dialogue is not necessary for repeal article 52, paragraph "d", of the Statute of Workers, which justifies the dismissal of a worker who is on medical leave. Specifically, Pepe Álvarez would like it to be repealed "in the first Council of Ministers" together with labor reforms to begin drafting the new Statute. Together with this, it also considers that the repeal of the 2013 pension reform "by decree" can be approved without waiting for social dialogue, and return to the situation in 2011.

Waiting to know what will be the next steps of the newly encumbrado Sánchez, the main claim of UGT is the negotiation to «be at the forefront of the changes that Spain requires». Given that the much crowded repeal of the labor reform has finally been reduced to the elimination of the most harmful aspects, it is not surprising that the union wants to shield the proposals included in the program presented by the PSOE-Podemos coalition. For this reason, the UGT requested the Government to convene "the social agents imminently to talk about the SMI in 2023" and so that 60% of the average salary is reached in the legislature, that is, 1,150 euros, according to their calculations.

To achieve this increase, Pepe Álvarez urged the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) to "roll up" to sit down to "really negotiate" between unions and employers. Although, "if in the negotiation somebody thinks to limit the increases, it seems to me that we start from a wrong base," Alvarez warned. In this regard, the UGT leader said he has already received a call from CEOE President Antonio Garamendi to begin negotiations. Although the employer has extended his hand, Alvarez also took advantage of the meeting to criticize the "Lack of humanity" by the CEOE "not to reproach companies that have laid off workers" for accumulation of casualtiesAlvarez said.

In order to "recover dignity at work and equality", the union is equally necessary to "recover collective bargaining", close the doors to precarious hiring and review the objective causes of dismissal, as well as provide more means to the Inspection of Job.


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