July 25, 2021

UGT asks the parties that supported Sánchez not to make excuses to the budgets

UGT asks the parties that supported Sánchez not to make excuses to the budgets

The General Secretary of UGT, Pepe Álvarez, has asked the political forces that made it easier for Pedro Sánchez to govern Spain without excuses and to support and contribute to the negotiation of the General State Budgets "because we know that we play the future of many families. "

He has said today in statements to journalists in the capital of Salamanca where he has participated in the celebrations of the 130th anniversary of UGT and has signed a collaboration agreement with the University of Salamanca (USAL).

The UGT is convinced that Spain "needs a general budget of the State that gives us back labor and social rights", and that these general accounts "have to start distributing the wealth that is being generated in this country in recent years", has manifested.

He insisted that it is "good" that the parties that gave the Government to Pedro Sánchez "support the negotiation of budgets", which is why UGT is going to demand that they "have no excuses and that they support and contribute in this process" because it is playing "the future of many families throughout Spain."

Regarding the Executive of Sanchez, Alvarez has considered as "very important proof" the elaboration of the budgets and that the interests of the workers depend "in good part of the success of the Government but mainly of the group of political parties that took to Sanchez to the Government "

He has shown himself conscious that those who do not want anything to change would like the Sanchez Executive to "fail", while he has advocated that "this experience of the left be successful in the future."


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