UGT asks Escrivá for a multiannual plan to increase contribution bases

The secretary general of UGT, Pepe Álvarez, asked Monday the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, to implement a multi-year plan that progressively increases the maximum base of Social Security contributions.

In statements to the media after the meeting held this morning, the UGT leader has said that he has proposed to the minister a plan "that visualizes" in several years an upward evolution of the maximum contribution base, which in Spain is at 46,000 euros annual, well below, for example, from France (which is 100,000).

"We are playing a Social Security collection of more than 7,000 million euros," said Alvarez, to later assure that "the Government will begin to do some of these issues these days."

In this first contact with Escrivá, they have even discussed carrying out a "destope" of the maximum base, for which it is necessary to present a "program" in the companies so that they know how their contribution bases would evolve and the impact I would have on the maximum pension.

"The ministry has some important ideas on this issue, which we will be able to discuss in the coming months," said Alvarez, once the social dialogue table is set up, where employers, unions and Social Security will be present.

Álvarez has warned of the high Social Security deficit and added that it could be reduced by 50% if the State entered the costs that are not its own.

The UGT leader has made it clear that he will sit at the social dialogue table once the 2013 pension reform is repealed, so that the previous one of 2011 is split or improved, which already established a cap on the retirement age and the conditions to access it.

He has urged the minister to universalize the application of the relief contract in all sectors and not only in the manufacturing sector and has proposed that he "study what is the cost to the Social Security system of a worker of more than 61 years and which that of a person who enters with a relief contract ".

It has also requested that the legislation be modified to allow access to retirement with 40 years of contributions regardless of the worker's age.


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