UGT and USO maintain strike and call mobilizations for April 21 and 24

UGT and USO maintain for the April 20, in full Holy Week, the strike announced in the sector of "handling" (services of ground assistance to aircraft and passengers) and call mobilizations for days 21 and 24 of the same month after failing the previous mediation with the employer's association held today at the headquarters of the Interconfederal Mediation and Arbitration Service (SIMA).

UGT and USO state that in the meeting they maintained the same position as in the last meetings of the negotiating committee "so that the agreement of the sector guarantees the subrogatory rights of all workers", adding that the position of the employers has not changed and criticize who have shown "absolute" disinterest in reaching an agreement.

According to the unions, the companies still fail to guarantee "the rights and guarantees of workers who have already been subrogated and even those who are subrogated in the future."

In the opinion of UGT and USO "the situation is so serious that we have no choice but to call mobilizations as the position of the employer is questioned ... ensure that although the circumstances involve workers in this sector change company , their conditions are guaranteed and their economic situation is not going to be modified or diminished. "

They affirm that this had been agreed in the SIMA on July 20, "and the employers are currently looking for a way to not comply with the agreement."

They also denounce that "the attitude of the employers delays and prevents the application of the economic agreements reached in the SIMA of October 4, 2018 leaving thousands of workers with the salary frozen since 2015.


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