UGT and USO call a strike in groundhandling services on April 20

UGT and USO call a strike in groundhandling services on April 20

UGT and USO have set for April 20, in the middle of Holy Week, the strike announced in the "handling" sector (ground handling services to aircraft and passengers) after breaking the negotiations with the employers.

The unions have reported on Thursday that they have filed a conciliation request prior to the call for a state strike against Aseata, the employer association that represents all the companies in the groundhandling sector.

The representation of the workers thinks that the employers do not accept the clause that is intended to be introduced in the fourth sectoral agreement to regulate the surrogate personnel.

The employers, according to the unions, have incorporated a clause in which it is established that only the economic guarantees of the subrogated personnel would be respected in the case of future negotiations.

For the Secretary of Trade Union Action of the Aerial Sector, Isabel Rubio, this clause "is blocking" the negotiation of the agreement.

For these two unions, with this clause workers already surrendered would be injured their right to individual claim through the courts of their economic guarantees.

The "handling" activity is responsible for ground handling services, including assistance for people with reduced mobility, merchandise, mail and service of footbridges.

Among the handling companies are Groundforce, Iberia, Acciona, Atlantic Handling, AviaPartner, Clever, Lesma, Menzies Aviation, Ryanair, Easyjet and Swissport.


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