May 16, 2021

UGT and CCOO call for partial strikes and the feminist movement works to overwhelm the strike

UGT and CCOO call for partial strikes and the feminist movement works to overwhelm the strike

Exactly two months from March 8, there is already a certainty: there will be feminist mobilization. After the historic mobilization last year, the situation is repeated. The feminist movement has been working for months so that the next 8M will overflow the traditional concept of strike, that is, so that it is not just a labor strike, but also of care, student and consumer. "A feminist strike," they say. On the other hand, the majority unions have announced on Tuesday the call for partial strikes for that day, as happened in 2018. UGT and CCOO leave the door open to add another type of mobilizations, for example, strikes of 24 hours in feminized sectors.

General strike of two hours, with the possibility of expanding in some specific sectors. It is the option for which the majority unions CCOO and UGT have decided again this year to translate the "labor dimension" of the feminist struggle on March 8, International Women's Day. Although there are still elements that should be made concrete, as explained by the general secretaries of both organizations, the unions repeat the same measure as last year.

At least for all the workers, who will be called to support "within the framework of a day of struggle and broader social mobilization", two hours of work stoppage per shift. However, the 8M of this 2019 trade unions contemplate "the possibility that some sectors, by their particularities and claims, can do it 24 hours."

Both Unai Sordo and Pepe Álvarez, general secretary of CCOO and UGT, respectively, have called for concrete measures to the government to "end the gender gap" in the labor market. Álvarez has criticized that "since March 8 in this country there has been much talk and almost nothing has been done, to say nothing" and has called on the Executive – and specifically the Vice Presidency of the Government – to explain and specify what measures will be approved to advance equality between women and men in the world of work.

Both unionists have also stressed their "concern" for "the political debate of recent weeks", in which VOX has claimed and the PP (BY FI, if this you know it better you). Sordo has maintained that "one can speak of misogyny in this debate" and has demanded "not to take a step back" in the rights of women achieved to date and advance in new conquests. "The two organizations are going to fight this process of involution to which certain political forces want to subdue women in this country," added Pepe Álvarez.


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