July 25, 2021

UGT advocates to "dignify" and improve the working conditions of soccer players – La Provincia

UGT advocates to "dignify" and improve the working conditions of soccer players - La Provincia

The union of the General Union of Workers (UGT) has called this Friday for "dignify" and improve the working conditions of footballers in Spain, the day after meeting with the unions of the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) and Footballers ON in the Superior Council of Sports (CSD) in Madrid.

In this meeting, a negotiating table should be set up to work for the drafting of a Collective Agreement that guarantees labor rights of female soccer players in Spain.

In a statement, UGT denounced that the AFE "does not see with good eyes" that the representation of the Spanish soccer players "is not an exclusive monopoly of the aforementioned association".

In the opinion of UGT, women's football in Spain "has not received, historically, the media and social attention it probably deserves." "This reality has prevented enough professionals from being visualized – soccer players – who, like any other sports professional, must have a labor framework that guarantees your rights -some of them in specific areas because of their status as women- and a decent remuneration", lament.

For this reason, the union UGT expressed its desire to be a participant in a "historic opportunity" that "dignifies" professional female football professionals and "put in value a sport discipline that, many times, remains overshadowed by the overwhelming media appeal and social demand of male elite football"

In addition, UGT said it wants to take advantage of its presence in this table yet to be constituted to raise "actions and responses in defense of equality in the world of football, especially when it is known that football has traditionally been a field impregnated by the air of machismo, thus contradicting the principles and values ​​of sports practice: solidarity, equality, respect ".

For UGT, the reputation of Spanish football should be reinforced "where the bulbs do not always reach" and in areas that are not strictly sporting, in the case of women's football and others in lower divisions "that are far away" from the salaries paid. to the players of LaLiga Santander.


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