UEFA requests the recusal of judge Ruiz de Lara in the ‘Superliga case’

Aleksander Ceferin, UEFA President.

Aleksander Ceferin, UEFA President.

The UEFA has presented a motion for the disqualification of Judge Manuel Ruiz de Lara, in charge of the ‘Super League case’, on understanding that there are “significant irregularities in this procedure”, and has warned that it will continue to “take all necessary measures” to defend its interests.

“UEFA has always acted in good faith throughout the pending proceedings before a Court of Madrid. Consequently – and despite the fact that UEFA does not recognize the jurisdiction of the Madrid Court and firmly believes that it has always acted in full compliance with pending proceedings – UEFA has submitted formal allegations to the Court of Madrid evidencing its continuous compliance with the orders “, the European body announced in a statement.

What’s more, UEFA has presented a motion for the disqualification of Judge Ruiz de Lara, understanding that there are “significant irregularities in this procedure.” “In line with Spanish law – and in the fundamental interest of justice – UEFA expects the judge in question to step aside immediately until this motion is fully and adequately considered,” he asked, adding that he will also file a formal appeal. before the Provincial Court of Madrid.

“UEFA will continue to take all necessary measures, in strict accordance with the national and EU legislation, in order to defend its interests and – what is more important – those of its members and all the parties interested in football, “warned the body chaired by Aleksander Ceferin.

Finally, UEFA defended que “has always acted in accordance not only with its Statutes and Regulations, but also with EU law, the European Convention on Human Rights and Swiss law in relation to this so-called ‘Super League’ project. “UEFA continues to trust its position – and will continue to defend it – in all relevant jurisdictions,” he concluded.

Truce for the three ‘rebel’ clubs

This statement comes a day after it was learned that UEFA will not continue with legal proceedings against him. Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus de Turin, the three ‘surviving’ clubs of the initial twelve that ‘founded’ the Superliga.

According to Europa Press, the highest continental football organization maintains the actions against the clubs that designed the Super League, although it announced that it will not continue “for now” with the procedures and sanctions that it intended to apply against these three ‘rebel’ teams. .

On the other hand, the body chaired by Ceferin is firm in “stopping” the plans of the Super League, the project initially supported by twelve of the main European clubs -among them the Spanish Atlético de Madrid, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona- that aimed to put an end to the current format of the Champions League.

In this sense, la UEFA expressed its willingness to respect legal procedures, but declared “alert” to the Super League project and other similar projects that may arise later that do not serve to defend the best interests of the clubs, associations and fans.

This announcement came after Judge Ruiz de Lara ordered to leave without effect the possible fine of 100 million euros against each of the 12 clubs in the project promoted by the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez. This judge gave UEFA a period of 5 days to annul the proceedings against the three ‘rebel’ clubs, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus.


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