May 12, 2021

UEFA investigates Ibrahimovic for an alleged link with a bookmaker

The UEFA reported this Monday that he has opened an investigation into the Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic for a violation of its Disciplinary Regulations for “an alleged financial interest in a betting company“.

A few days ago, from the native country of the Milan player it was pointed out that he, through a partnership, could own 10 percent of shares, a Malta-based betting company for which he has been an ambassador since March 2018.

“In accordance with Article 31 (4) of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations, today Monday an Ethics and Discipline Inspector has been appointed to carry out a disciplinary investigation into a possible violation of the Disciplinary Regulations by Zlatan Ibrahimovic for having an alleged financial interest in a betting company, “the continental body said in a statement.

UEFA could find Ibrahimovic guilty of a violation of Article 12 (2) of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations which refers to any individual who “participates directly or indirectly in betting or similar activities related to competitive matches or who has a direct or indirect financial interest in such activities” and could even suspend him for a long period of time.


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