March 5, 2021

UEFA cancels the 2021 Europeans under 19

UEFA logo.

UEFA logo.

The Executive Committee of the UEFA has decided this Tuesday to cancel the Women’s and Men’s European Under-19 Soccer Championships, expected in 2021, due to the pandemic of the COVID-19 and its effects on the organization of competitions.

Through a statement, the governing body of European football has indicated that “the UEFA Executive Committee took note that, with the governmental restrictions currently in force, the travel of the teams and the organization of the mini-tournaments would be very complicated “, which has led to the cancellation of the 2021 European female and male under-19 category.

“Although it is a shame that youth competitions cannot be held this season, the health and safety of young athletes must be a priority in the current circumstances“, has lamented the UEFA.

UEFA member associations were already consultedThey supported this decision.

For its part, the epidemiological situation in Belarus and current restrictions on travel to the country have prompted UEFA to seek “an alternative venue” for the final phase of the 2020/21 Futsal Champions League, which will finally host Zagreb.

“Given the the Croatian Football Federation declared their availability To take over the organization of the finals, the UEFA Executive Committee decided to designate Zagreb as the venue for the tournament, initially scheduled in Minsk from April 28 to May 3, “UEFA explained.

On the other hand, its executive committee has approved the introduction of a concussion substitution test for the 2019-21 UEFA European Under-21 Championship, whose final phase will be played in Hungary and Slovenia.

Each team may use one “concussion replacement” per match, regardless of the number of changes already made, in accordance with Protocol A, as indicated by the IFAB.

Substitutions for concussion are counted separately from the number of normal replacement opportunities and it is irrelevant whether, at the time of the concussion switch, the team has already made all other substitutions or not.


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