UD Tamaraceite draws a draw against the yellow subsidiary

UD Tamaraceite draws a draw against the yellow subsidiary

UD Tamaraceite draws a draw against the yellow subsidiary

The vibrant Gran Canaria rivalry duel in the bronze category of Spanish football ended in a draw (1-1). Las Palmas Athletic took the lead in the first half, through Joel. Already in the aftermath, Alberto rescued a draw for him Tamaraceite. With this result, those of Juan Manuel Rodríguez suffer a hard blow in their aspirations to get away from the red zone of the table; while the Chus Trujillo footballers chain their fourth day in a row scoring.

The Tamaraceite tried to be the protagonist during the initial stages of a contest, developing good transitions from defense to attack with which they sought to approach the domains of the Catalan Sergi Puig with danger. For its part, the 'small candle' was well planted on the synthetic green of the Siete Palmas enclosure, and was impetuous with isolated actions with which it tried to put Nauzet García at risk.

At the halfway point of the first half, the team Juan Manuel Rodriguez He went ahead on the scoreboard with a play in which Juan Fernández gave in depth so that Yeray played in a subtle way before the penetration, from the right, of his partner Joel, who did not fail to beat low, in hand-to-hand, Tenerife goalkeeper Nauzet García.

With the score against, Tamaraceite tried to make amends, but found themselves facing a solvent team of Juan Manuel Rodríguez in defensive tasks. In addition, the yellows were close to extending distances before the break, with a shot from the protagonist of the first half, Joel, who slipped through the squad, but was deflected to a corner by a savior Nauzet García, with an excellent stretch.

After the resumption, Chus Trujillo tried to give his team a new air with the entrance of Quintero and Toni Segura. However, the 'small candle' continued to be very plugged in the game, and enjoyed the first great opportunity of this second half to extend distances, with a personal play by Juan Fernández, on the left wing, which was finished by the Catalan attacker with a powerful shot, but the ball did not end up finding the three sticks of the visitor's goal.

In the 64th minute, Tamaraceite replied with a shot from Carlos Cid, after a service from Toni Segura, who diverted Sergi Puig to a corner with a good save. The Chus Trujillo footballers kept on insisting in search of the equalizer, and caressed the 1-1 with a shot from Quintero, heeled to the left inside the area, but Sergi Puig was very attentive to reject the ball.

Two minutes from the end of regulation time, Tamaraceite put the tables with a header from Alberto, just off a corner kick taken by Toni Segura. In the extension, Las Palmas Atlético sought the winning goal, but without success to overcome the defensive solidity of the Blue and Whites, who dedicated themselves to tie the tie.


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