UD Las Palmas – CD Numancia: UD, forced to react – The Province

UD Las Palmas - CD Numancia: UD, forced to react - The Province

Beside the topics of 'the Second Division is very long' or the hoarse 'nobody said it was going to be easy' there is a much more serious issue. All teams, including those who end up, suffer throughout the season moments of doubt, bumps or crisis. In the UD Las Palmas they have spent the whole week debating how to rate it. The issue is that it is in the middle of one of those chapters that end up forgetting in a stroke with a triumph or becoming critics. After a remarkable start to the season he has conceded three consecutive shots – a point in three days – that have made him question everything. He was certain that he had a very solid defense and a lethal attack and comes from being stripped by Almeria and passing more than three games without scoring a goal. Orange alert relieved by the triumph of Elche last night over Malaga that keeps him at seven points.

These potholes can serve two purposes: to self-destruct or to become stronger. The key is to overcome it as soon as possible and recover cruise speed. In these the yellow team receives this afternoon Numancia (17.00 hours), a very serious rival that lands on the island at its best moment of the season, with two wins in a row and three matches without conceding a goal to be placed just one point playoff and two of one's own YOU.

The most unpredictable alignment

So that the red alert does not light up and the figure of Manolo Jiménez the need to overcome the Soriano set is imperative. The truth is that the insular coach can hardly count on more alternatives on the table to face the pothole. The visit of Numancia arrives with Sergio Araujo already rolled, the recovery of Rafa Mir, on a roll with the sub 21, plus the eternal guarantee of Rubén Castro. It also recovers in defense to David García after being dropped in Almería for fatherhood and Sacko, that was with the absolute of Mali. Thus, his only absences due to injury are Momo Y Peñalba, long-lasting.

The approaches of the technician have been indicated. The 4-4-2 with Maikel Mesa in a band he has not convinced. The flexibility of the Andalusian style and drawings, as well as the many yellow weapons can bring any surprise to correct the bad moment. The proper name of the week is Rafa Mir after his three goals with the sub 21, which contrasts with the drought of the UD. With Sergio Araujo and Rubén Castro with the label of project leaders, bringing the three together would mean moving many pieces. And sitting a striker in a state of form like that of Murcia would be equally questionable. A blessed problem for Arahal.

The center of the field has not been exempt from doubts. David Timor Y Maikel Mesa they are a guarantee of quality and energy, so it would be difficult to see them on the bench. In case of changes Ruiz de Galarreta would be the first candidate, with Javi Castellano as an alternative if the Andalusian wants to recover the lost balance in Almería. There the UD made water before the suffocating pressure and the counterattacks of the rojiblancos.

In a panorama like the one that lives the UD is in question everything, also the extremes. Danny Blum Y Tana have combined good times with more irregular ones while Fidelalthough he has participated less has always fulfilled. Given the strength of Mir the position of all of them is in danger. In defense is another of the few certainties of the eleven: David García and Creek in the center and Lemos on the right. Mantovani He did not take advantage of the departure of the captain in the Mediterranean Games to discuss the position. On the wings, although they were overwhelmed in Almeria, only Of the Beautiful could be relegated to the detriment of Dani Castellano, although it seems unlikely given the confidence that Jiménez has shown in Catalan. Another one of the few that does not doubt is the pillar of Raul in the goal.

Opposite, a Numancia brimming with confidence and with nothing to lose. After playing the playoff last season has come Lopez Garai in charge. Juan Carlos in the goal, Atienza in the center of the back, Diamanka in the double pivot and Villalba in the playmaker form his spine.

The match, in addition, is the highlight of a huge campaign against breast cancer that has carried out the UD in recent weeks. The use of the pink shirt to contest the meeting crowns a series of initiatives that have included a spot, selling shirts and bracelets. A solidarity party of which the UD can not miss the three points.


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