March 7, 2021

UD Barrial regains its position – La Provincia

The Sports Neighborhood Union is once again the representative of that Galdense town after the merger was approved with the Cruz de Barrial Balompié, a parallel club that was created to maintain sports activity in the area before the prolonged litigation that was maintained with the previous directive of the Cultural, Sports and Recreational Neighborhood Society, in which the football club is integrated.

The Cruz de Barrial was founded two seasons ago with Francisco Cabrera at the head of a large group of people dissatisfied with the leaders of a historic entity with more than 60 years of existence, while the YOU Barrial only came out with a regional and a prebenjamín, the latter team that remained this season and served as a bridge to merge both entities, procedure that was made in the Interinsular Football Federation of Las Palmas with the help of Daniel Pita, deputy secretary of the FIFLP, which on Friday communicated, through the licensing department, that the Spanish Football Federation had approved the merger so that the UD Barrial returns to compete with the nine teams that have participated in the different federated competitions, among them the First Regional.

The ordinary courts had to resort more than two years ago to resolve the existing discrepancies that left almost without equipment the previous Barrial. Three lawsuits were filed until the final change came, at which time the plaintiffs lifted the chain and held several titles. The promotion to the Regional and Preferential Youth will be the main challenge for the 2019-20 season of a UD Barrial that has always maintained its yellow and blue colors.

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