Uber suspends its operations in Barcelona

Uber suspends its operations in Barcelona


Uber has decided to comply with his threat and has suspended its operations in Barcelona, after the decree law approved by the GEneralitat and agreed with the taxi sector. The touchstone is in the requirement of pre-contracting the service, at least 15 minutes.

«The new restrictions approved by the Generalitat they leave us no other option than to suspend Uber X while we rethink our future in the city of Barcelona. We are committed to our presence in Spanish cities and we hope to work for transparency regulation for all together with the Catalan government and the Barcelona City Council, "a spokesperson for the multinational said.

For the company, the precontracting requirement introduced in the last decree law by agreement with the taxi sector, "it does not exist anywhere in Europe and is totally incompatible with the immediacy of on-demand services such as UberX".


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