Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Uber presents in the USA the documentation to go public

Uber presenta en EE.UU. la documentación para salir a bolsa

Uber presented on Thursday before the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) the expected documents to go public two weeks after its competitor Lyft will begin to quote in the New York parquet.

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Uber, which will operate in Wall Street under the label "UBER", did not specify an exact date for its first day on the stock market, nor the exact price of its shares.

Investors have shown their doubts

The newspaper The Wall Street Journal yesterday, sources close to the management informed that each action could have a price of between 48 and 55 dollars, and that the valuation of the company would reach between 90,000 million and 100,000 million dollars, including the 10 billion that it would raise with its IPO.

This value, he points out, is below the 120,000 million that had been initially estimated by companies such as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.

The exit of Uber to stock market could be one of the most important of the year, a company that in 2018 published an income of 11.270 million dollars and a profit of 997 million dollars.

According to analysts, Uber's IPO is one of the factors that is leading to a significant drop in the competition, Lyft, which debuted on Wall Street on March 29 and which, in the last five days of trading, has accumulated a decline of 18.05 percent.

So, after a first day at 72 dollars a share, a price that has already fallen below 61.

Several analysts explain that Lyft shares are overvalued, and should be around $ 59 each, which means the company's valuation of $ 15,000 million instead of the current 19,000.

Investors have shown their doubts about a company that raises questions about the viability of its business model, since in 2018 it lost 911 million dollars with a turnover of 2,200 million.

As several experts warned, investors showed greater interest in entering offers with great expectation to sell quickly afterwards.

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