March 7, 2021

Uber launches "comfort", which allows the passenger to travel without having to converse

The Uber vehicle service announced on Tuesday the launch of a new modality, "comfort", which among other things guarantees more legroom and allows the passenger to choose whether he wants the driver to engage or not a conversation with him.

This last option was only available in the case of luxury black vehicles of the company (the service known as Uber Black) and had already generated criticism from drivers who consider that it "dehumanizes" them, but as of today will have much more scope to be part of "comfort".

Thus, from this same Tuesday, when a user in one of the 43 major urban areas of the United States. open the Uber application on your phone, the first travel modes that appear are UberX (standard service), Pool (service shared with other passengers and significantly cheaper) and Comfort.

Comfort is usually between 20 and 40% more expensive than the standard UberX service and, in addition to more legroom and the possibility of not talking to the driver, the modality also includes the guarantee that it is new vehicles , of medium size and with a driver with a score equal to or greater than 4.85.

Once the comfort service is requested, the customer will be able to choose if he wants to speak or if he prefers that his journey be carried out in silence, in addition to asking the driver to prepare the car to find it at its "ideal" temperature when accessing it.

The company based in San Francisco (California, USA) also began on Tuesday a helicopter service in New York that connects the island of Manhattan and JFK airport in just eight minutes at a price of $ 200 per race.

The Uber Copters, as they have been baptized, will offer service from Monday to Friday in the afternoon hours with greater traffic, being able to reserve at the moment or with up to five days in advance and always through the same phone application that allows to request a car.

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