October 27, 2020

Uber intends to sell bus and subway tickets from its platform in Spain




Uber landed in Spain with a service for professional drivers, then he opened his application to the food distribution at home and later to jump scooters. But the company intends to go even further and offer services such as public transport tickets or even taxis.

In a press conference held on Wednesday, the general director of the company in Spain, Juan Galiardo, explained that Uber Transit, which offers bus and subway tickets, is already available in several European cities and that Madrid is "an ideal candidate" to offer this service.

Company sources confirm that the technological infrastructure would be ready. Also the operation to sell the tickets, since the platform has reached an agreement with the platform of Ticketing Masabi To offer the tickets. Now the last step is missing, and probably the most important: the approval of the Madrid Administration.

In addition to public transport, Uber also intends to open its "app" to the taxi. But not at any price. «We continue working with the taxi to integrate it into our application. But we want to do it well, ”said Galiardo. A few months ago, Cabify announced that it opened its application to the guild, but from the sector ensure that the platform run by Juan de Antonio barely offers a few dozen taxis in its application.

While these agreements arrive, Uber is focusing its launches in Spain in its "business" segment. This Wednesday, the application has launched Uber Central Y Uber Vouchers In our country. Two services that make it possible to streamline the services for companies currently provided by the company. "Business trips represent a business opportunity of 150,000 million euros," Galiardo explained.

Uber has also launched this Wednesday Comfort, a service «Premium» which will be available in Madrid, Seville, Malaga and Granada. «We make available to customers who wish the best drivers and the best cars. He is very focused on the business segment, ”said the company's CEO in Spain.

Regarding the imposition that the platform has to wait 15 minutes to provide services in regions such as Catalonia and the Valencian Community, which has caused the application to have left these autonomies, Galiardo explained “there are two different trends, one that is trying to restrict the VTC and another that proposes to liberalize the taxi. Luckily it seems that the second one is being imposed ».

However, from Uber they have recognized that the Catalan Generalitat is studying flexibility these restrictions. A process for which the company says it has "full predisposition."


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